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100% Recycled  /  Made in the USA

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SustainU Clothing

About SustainU

SustainU was started by ordinary people looking to make a more authentic and honest garment. Starting with great fitting tees and hoodies, SustainU’s clothing will always stay true to its hometown roots, with new timeless, basic styles that transcend fads and can be worn for years.

We all understand the importance of conserving our limited resources. SustainU is a pioneer in recycled fabrics, using postindustrial cottons and postconsumer polyester to make its incredibly comfortable and durable fabrics. These innovations enable SustainU to save millions of gallons of water, petroleum, agrochemicals and CO2 emissions.

For generations, “Made in America” has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and products that endure. While the trend in fashion has been to chase cheap overseas labor, often with grave social impacts, SustainU has instead invested in domestic manufacturing. The result: quality apparel and the reinvigoration of a vital American manufacturing sector.

Many Americans are under the impression that sustainable clothing is expensive and therefore inaccessible for most. Leveraging local production, smart supply chains and inventory control and honest margins, SustainU breaks the mold by offering a line of clothing that is not only more environmentally and socially sustainable, but also truly affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a store that sells SustainU?
Our flagship store is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. You can also find our clothing at select Eastern Mountain Sports locations. Find a store

Will my shirt have special washing instructions?
No. Our clothes are made from recycled cotton which can be treated like standard cotton.

Do you ship to Canada?
No. We currently do not ship outside of the US.

If I don't like my shirt can I get a refund?
We have a hassle-free return policy. You can either exchange your shirt for another size or get a full refund. Complete the contact form or call us for more details.